Top Commercial Building in Downtown Taichung— Hub of Global Business Headquarters.

Located in Taichung’s 7th Redevelopment Zone, CTBC Taichung HQ was designed by world-class Spanish architecture studio Miralles Tagliabue EMBT. The project is beautifully crafted, directly overlooking Park Lane and Taichung City Hall. The building is dedicated to the founder of CTBC Holdings, Mr. Jeffrey Koo Sr.; the last character in Jeffrey’s Chinese name, means “pine tree”, and was engraved on the façade of the building. The symbolic pine tree on the building reflects CTBC Holdings’ corporate identity and slogan, “We Are Family”. This outstanding architectural work serves as an iconic landmark for corporations harboring a vision of sustainability. Not only does it have a spectacular view and location, the interior is also uniquely tailored for commercial use.  


  • Developer 

    Continental Development Corp.

  • Constructor

    Continental Engineering Corp.

  • Architect

    EMBTShao,Tung-Kang Architects

  • Location

    88, Sec. 1, Huizhong Rd., Taichung

  • Completion


  • Structure Type

    SS above ground /  SRC below ground

  • No. of floors

    28 above ground / 6 below ground

Holding Company

Group Companies

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