After-sales Service

Always Providing Sincere Service 

Continental Development Corporation (CDC) aims to deliver the highest quality products to our customers. Our journey together doesn’t end with the delivery of residential units as we continually provide services catering to customers’ needs. We constantly seek to improve our services for the benefit of our customers. 

You can fill out an on-line request form anytime to check the latest status of your residence or payment plan. If your home requires maintenance or renovation work, you may also send us your on-line request and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Planning Ahead For Your Move-In Day 

For each project, we prepare a comprehensive guide to your new home:

  • Reminders before you move in, including renovation management, moving-in registration and land value tax on residential properties. 
  • Instructions about facilities, such as water, electricity, construction materials, fire safety, security and public facilities, so that you can experience the very best of your new home. 

Superior Property Management Service

For our customers, exclusive property management services can enhance their quality of life in what is already a superb living environment. These services are conceived even before construction begins. During the project planning stage, we work with professional property management companies to ensure our personnel have undergone appropriate training. This ensures residents enjoy professional services from the very moment they move into their new homes.

Our suite of services includes daily access control, security service, public facility maintenance, hourly maids, butler services, community activity planning, personal assistants, private chef, and gourmet catering services*. Our services are of an impeccable standard, diligently performed and tailor-made for our residents. (Actual services vary depending on management committee regulations.)

*Note: This service is currently only available for certain projects.

Responsive Maintenance Service 

If your property is in need of repair or renovation, we will contact you immediately after we receive notification. We will arrange an inspection time that is convenient for you, and will assist with follow-up service after the maintenance work has been carried out. 

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