Group Companies

Group companies

Continental Holdings Corporation is the parent company of Continental Development Corporation (CDC) and was the first holding company in Taiwan to encompass a broad scope of construction-related businesses, including construction engineering, real estate development, environmental engineering project development and water treatment. It’s main subsidiaries include CDC, Continental Engineering Corp. (CEC), HDEC Corporation and Continental Consulting Limited Company.


CHC’s prime role is to guide the strategic direction for the Group and provide governance frameworks for its subsidiaries. By synergizing and managing resources to improve efficiency,  CHC provides a stable financial foundation and enables each subsidiary to maximize its strength and expand its growth. CHC was established in 2010 and is publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE 3703).

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Continental Engineering Corporation (CEC), one of CDC's sister companies, is a leading construction and engineering company in Taiwan, widely recognized for having completed a broad range of public infrastructure and private-sector construction projects across Taiwan and Asia.


Since 1945, CEC has participated in infrastructure construction and engineering projects that span military installations, factories, highways, tunnels, bridges, the mass-rapid transit (MRT) system, and the Taiwan High Speed Rail – currently the world’s largest BOT project. In addition to infrastructure construction, CEC has successfully completed many important public and private-sector projects, including residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, commercial and office buildings, multi-functional complexes, university complexes, and educational facilities. CEC has extended its operations overseas to Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, and India.

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HDEC Corporation (HDEC) was established in 2006 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Continental Engineering Corp. (CEC). In July, 2017, CEC divested and transferred all its shares in HDEC and the latter became wholly owned by Continental Holdings Corp. (CHC).

Having inherited CEC's capabilities in environmental engineering technology and project management, HDEC has successfully expanded into the emerging environmental engineering market, demonstrating its vast capabilities in planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance.

HDEC’s core business is Environmental Project Development, focusing especially on water treatment, waste treatment & renewable energy and piping. Its subsidiaries currently include HDEC Construction Corp., HDEC (Puding) Environment Corp., North Shore Corp., Blue Whale Corp., HDEC-CTCI (Linhai) Corp., CTCI-HDEC (Chungli) Corp.

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Continental Consulting Limited Company (CCLC) is responsible for providing corporate function services including General Affairs, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal and Quality Management to CHC as well as three other member companies.

CCLC professionals have solid expertise in the abovementioned areas, uphold the Group’s core values and strives to serve with excellence and create maximum value.

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Member Companies

CEC Commercial Development Corp. is a real estate development company owned by Continental Development Corp. (CDC). The company is primarily engaged in the development and management of real estate and commercial complexes.

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Group Companies

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