Transforming the Way We Live

At Continental Development Corporation (CDC), we develop projects in a professional and innovative way to satisfy our customers. From residential housing and commercial buildings, to hotels and communities, each project raises the bar and transforms the way we live. 



Capturing the Culture of the City

We create urban landscapes. Whether it’s a community, a luxury residence, a high-profile skyscraper, or a landmark urban business center, our experience and talent imbue every project with breadth and depth. Each parcel of land is unique and we believe the architecture applied to a space should be harmonious in character and flattering to its original contours.  



Creating Value in Everything We Do

CDC is committed to sustainability. We work closely with international partners and ensure all planning and development is conducted with integrity and an eye toward the future. We bring new life and energy to land and buildings, allowing architecture, humanity, and nature to thrive as one. We ambitiously cultivate the untapped potential of land, igniting and maintaining the development of surrounding areas, ultimately, building sustainable cities. 


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