Lavish Metropolitan Mansion in New Taipei City

For this project, we called upon a world-renowned professional team — Aedas (UK), interior designer Mark Lintott Design (UK), Firefly Lighting Design from FPOV and Japanese landscape design guru Masato Horiguchi. Layers and structures of each balcony seem to be dancing to their own rhythm, give more life to the residence.

Glittering lights along the façade up to the roof, the intriguing dialogue between Japanese and English landscaping styles and the English-style lobby are all key elements to make Landscape of the Mind a unique residence. 


  • Developer 

    Continental Development Corp.

  • Constructor

    Continental Engineering Corp.

  • Architect

    PFA Professional Group of Architecture

  • Location

    50-58, Zhongzhi St., New Taipei

  • Completion


  • Structure Type


  • No. of floors

    18 above ground / 6 below ground

Holding Company

Group Companies

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