An Architectural Masterpiece of Beauty at Gateway to Taipei.

Located near Songshan Airport, about 10 minute-car-ride away from downtown Taipei, Interactive is a timeless masterpiece that occupies prime real estate. The residence — along with other prestigious residences and the beautiful neighborhood landscaping — embodies a stunning vision of Taipei. Visitors are greeted by a building that nurtures a delicate harmony between its graceful architecture and the surrounding natural environment. The striking façade elaborates on structural concepts inspired by the rectangular, linear composition of Piet Mondrian’s abstract paintings. The refined juxtaposition of marble and glass in its exterior tastefully elevates the Taipei skyline.  


  • Developer 

    Continental Development Corp.

  • Constructor

    Continental Engineering Corp.

  • Architect

    LKP Architecture

  • Locatio

    256, Dunhua N Rd, Taipei

  • Completion


  • Structure Type


  • No. of floors

    13 above ground / 3 below ground

Holding Company

Group Companies

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