Land of Purity, Flourishing by the River

Xindian River, one of the main rivers in the greater Taipei area, defines the scenery, metropolitan development, and neighborhood around Drawing the Dream life. This tasteful residence is located on the east bank of the river, where New Taipei City’s old town originally began. The city is now drawing up plans for re-zoning Xindian, New Taipei City —deemed a farmland reserve area by the government for two centuries—to create a new dream home for residents. To design this beautiful project, we invited Handel Architects LLP, an award-winning professional team from New York, and LWM Architects, a Taiwan-based global design firm. This project was crafted to authentically reflect its natural environment—fertilized farmland and an aesthetic riverside greenery that accentuates the design. With spaciousness that beckons home relaxation and luxury, this masterpiece is a beautiful and enjoyable landmark in greater Taipei. 


  • Developer 

    Continental Development Corp.

  • Constructor

    Continental Engineering Corp.

  • Architect

    Handel Architects LLP

  • Location

    Yangbei 2nd Rd., Xindian, New Taipei

  • Completion


  • Structure Type


  • No. of Floors

    19 above ground / 3 below ground

Holding Company

Group Companies

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