Establishing a Village Within the City

The Village is a town development project with 40 years of history, testing Continental Development Corporation’s (CDC) perseverance and expertise. Ms. Nita Ing, Chairman of Continental Holdings Corporation, CDC’s parent company said, “When we decided to step into the community development sector, we wanted to develop The Village as a desirable, modern place to live. Even before this project began, we aimed to create a place that would give our residents a good quality of life. We hope The Village will eventually become the most iconic example of architectural development in Taiwan.”


Decades ago, the location of The Village was still a forest habitat far away from the bustling city. At that time, turning a 76-hectare mountainous site into a residential community was truly a pioneering undertaking. From the beginning, the development concept took the sustainability of the community and the environment into consideration. To achieve this goal, we formed a team of professionals from a range of sectors, namely engineering, urban planning, architecture, landscape, and community management. We hope that for a long time to come The Village can retain its high quality environment, architecture, infrastructure, and public facilities. 



To preserve the unique natural habitat, project construction was divided into three phases. Our aim was to build low-density residential units so that residents could enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding area. The community is comprised of clusters of low-rise houses surrounded by open green space, creating a high-quality living environment that looks out on a spectacular natural landscape. 



Since 1988, CDC has spent more than a dozen years on land grading based on the principle of protecting the site’s ecological environment.  


In 1999, the first unit of Phase I Section 1 The Village was completed. Our dream of creating a harmonious community was becoming a reality.  


In 2003, Phase I Section 2 The Village was completed consecutively.  


In 2006, Phase I Section 3 The Village was ready.  


From 2007 to 2011, we built Phase II Section 1, Phase II Section 2, and Phase II Section 3 The Village.   


In 2014, the The Village was concluded with the completion of the 10 Top Villa,10 exclusive villas of the community 



At The Village, we have preserved 25 hectares of land covered by forest, and a park with an area of nearly 24,243 m2 . The community space features a 1.5-hectare man-made lake designated for a variety of leisure activities, four streams, a 37,122 m2 park featuring native flora and fauna, a 17,980 m2 sports park, and two other recreational parks within Qingshan Park, which are 8,812 m2 and 8,822 m2, respectively. We also created four playgrounds for children, which comprise a total area of 21,579 m2, plus numerous hiking trails, plank roads, and more. We believe that sustainable community development must combine a pleasant environment with follow-up services so the community can prosper.  



The Village is the accumulation of CDC’s 40 years of development experience. Since its transformation from Continental Engineer Corporation’s (CEC) property development business to an independent entity, CDC’s business has thrived. This long, challenging journey has included many aspects, from preserving important ecological environments and grading land for construction, to building a complete community. During this time, we have relied heavily on our team’s perseverance and unremitting efforts. Yet these challenges have inspired our creativity. Together, we have built something wonderful, where “dreamers, aesthetically pleasing architecture, and mother nature” can coexist in harmony. 

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